Survival Odyssey: Dive into ‘Ocean Is Home’ for PC and Conquer the Wilderness

Set out on an exciting adventure as you put yourself in the shoes of a castaway in the enthralling environment of “Ocean Is Home for PC: Survival Island.” Imagine being washed up on a deserted island, with a salty breeze on your face and the great expanse of the ocean stretched out before you. Birdy Dog Studio’s compelling game will put your survival abilities, resourcefulness, and resilience to the ultimate test. You’ll make your own path as you explore, gather resources, and build your sanctuary from the ground up, no longer bound by the monotony of daily life.

Survival on this isolated island is more than a game; it is a lesson in adaptability and persistence. As you navigate the perilous waters of this virtual world, you’ll gain vital insights that you can apply in real life. The realism of the game encourages you to make strategic decisions, from seeking food sources to constructing a weather-resistant shelter. These similar decision-making abilities can be quite useful when faced with real-world issues. So, if you’re looking for adventure, honing your problem-solving skills, or a taste of the wild, “Ocean Is Home” is your ticket to an interesting trip.

What is Ocean Is Home?

Birdy Dog Studio created “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” as a video game. In this game, players are abandoned on a barren island and must go on a survival journey. The basic purpose is to stay alive by exploring the island, gathering resources, and constructing survival equipment. Players must acquire food, create shelter, and defend themselves against different difficulties and perils posed by the island’s ecology.

Ocean is Home for PC

Main Features

In brief, below are the key characteristics of “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island”:

  1. Survival Challenge: To stay alive, players must survive on a desolate island by gathering materials, finding food, and making tools and shelter.
  2. Realistic Environment: The game has a realistic island setting with dynamic weather, day-night cycles, and different natural hazards.
  3. Crafting and Building: Players can make a variety of goods, from simple tools to complex constructions, to build a pleasant and secure home on the island.
  4. Exploration: Travel over the enormous island in search of hidden secrets, resources, and potential hazards, making each playtime unique.
  5. Strategic Decision-Making: Survival necessitates careful planning and decision-making, as players must manage their resources and prioritize chores.
  6. Immersive Gameplay: Ocean Is Home for PC provides an immersive survival experience with detailed graphics and a first-person perspective.
  7. Adventure and Challenges: Encounter wildlife, hostile creatures, and challenging situations as you strive to conquer the island.

To keep the gameplay interesting, the game is updated with new features, bug fixes, and improvements. The game is available for Windows PC, allowing players to have survival experiences on their desktop or laptop computers.

Technical Specifications

Certainly, here are the technical specifications for “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” presented in a table format:

Specification Details
 Title Ocean Is Home: Survival Island
Creator Birdy Dog Studio
License Free
Rating 3.7/5 – 279,659 votes
Updated September 18, 2020
Download on Windows PC
Requirements Windows 7/8/10/11 PC & Laptop
File Size 94.5 MB
Release Date December 02, 22
Category Adventure Games
Game Permissions Allows applications to open network sockets

The game may have received updates or changes, therefore it’s a good idea to double-check the information from the official source if necessary.

Ocean Is Home: Survival Skills

In “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island,” survival skills are critical for your character’s survival. To survive, you must learn food procurement techniques like foraging, hunting, and fishing. Making tools and shelter is essential for survival and comfort. To overcome the island’s obstacles, you must adapt to shifting weather, manage resources intelligently, and acquire problem-solving skills. Survival requires ingenuity, adaptation, and intelligent decision-making.

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Character Development

The dynamic feature of gameplay in “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” is character development. Your character matures and improves as you advance through the game. You can improve survival skills such as crafting, hunting, and foraging, making you more efficient at chores critical to your survival on the island. As your character progresses, the capacity to gather resources more efficiently, construct more advanced structures, and protect against dangers becomes more accessible. Character development demonstrates your adaptability and tenacity, mimicking the evolution of a true survivor in a difficult circumstance.

How to Install Ocean Is Home: Survival Island on PC

Here is a detailed guide on how to install “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” on your PC:

  1. Get an Android Emulator:  You’ll need an Android emulator to install and play “Ocean Is Home” on your PC. BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, LDPlayer, and KOPlayer are all popular alternatives. Download the installation for your Windows PC from the official website of your preferred emulator.
  2. Install the Android Emulator: Install the emulator by running the downloaded installer and following the on-screen instructions. Be patient as this process may take a few minutes.
  3. Start the Emulator: Once installed, start the emulator from your desktop or the Start menu. On your PC, the emulator will emulate an Android device.
  4. Get the Ocean Is Home APK: You must now obtain the “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” APK.
  5. Install the Game: Locate and open the APK file you obtained in Step 4 in the emulator. This is commonly accomplished by right-clicking the APK file and dragging it into the emulator’s window. You may also utilize the “Install APK” option in some emulators to select the APK file.
  6. Participate in the Game: Once the installation is complete, you’ll find the “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” icon in the emulator’s app drawer. To start the game, click on the icon.
  7. Have Fun with the Game: You’re ready to go! You may now play “Ocean Is Home on your PC”. To move and survive on the deserted island, utilize your mouse and keyboard or customized controllers.

To ensure the greatest gaming experience, always check for game and emulator updates, and always download APK files from reliable sources to avoid security threats.

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A quick guide to installing Ocean Is Home on Android

  1. Go to the Google Play Store:  On your Android smartphone, launch the Google Play Store app. Ascertain that you have an active internet connection.
  2.  Look for Ocean Is Home: Enter “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” in the search box at the top of the Google Play Store and tap the search icon.
  3. Choose a Game: Find “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” in the list of apps in the search results. Birdy Dog Studio should work on it.
  4. Install the Game: To visit the game’s page, tap on its icon. You’ll see an “Install” button on the game’s page. Tap it to begin the installation procedure.
  5. Start the game: When the installation is finished, you’ll notice an “Open” button on the game’s Play Store page. To start “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island,” press the “Open” button or the game icon.
  6. Begin Playing: You’re ready to go! You can now start your journey in “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island.” To survive on the abandoned island, follow the in-game instructions to gather resources and build a home.
  7. Have Fun With the Game: On your Android device, enjoy the intense survival experience that “Ocean Is Home” provides. Explore the island, make stuff, and put your survival abilities to the test.

Remember to check the Google Play Store for game updates for any enhancements, bug fixes, or new features to better your gaming experience.

How to Install Ocean Is Home: Survival Island for iPhone

Certainly, there are precise directions for installing “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” on your iPhone:

  1. Unlock Your iPhone: First, unlock your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone is unlocked and ready to install apps.
  2. Go to the App Store: Locate and press the “App Store” icon on the home screen of your iPhone. This launches the App Store.
  3. Look for Ocean Is Home: Tap the “Search” option at the bottom of the screen in the App Store. Enter “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” in the top search field and press “Search” on your keyboard.
  4. Choose a Game: Find “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” in the list of apps in the search results. Birdy Dog Studio should work on it.
  5. Install the Game: To view the game’s App Store page, tap on its icon. On the game’s page, there is a button called “Get.” Tap it to activate it. If prompted, authenticate the installation using Face ID, Touch ID, or your Apple ID password.
  6. Launch the Game: When the installation is finished, the game’s icon will appear on your iPhone’s home screen. Tap to start “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island.”
  7. Begin Playing:  You’re ready to go! You can now start your journey in “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island.” To survive on the abandoned island, follow the in-game instructions to gather resources and build a home.
  8. Have Fun With the Game: On your iPhone, enjoy the intense survival experience that “Ocean Is Home” provides. Explore the island, make stuff, and put your survival abilities to the test.

Remember to check for game updates in the App Store for any improvements, bug fixes, or new features to enhance your gaming experience.

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Ocean is home for PC

Explore Alternatives

If you’re seeking for alternatives to “Ocean Is Home: Survival Island,” there are a number of additional survival games on various platforms that provide comparable gaming experiences. Here are some common alternatives, each with its own distinct characteristics.


Minecraft is a sandbox survival game in which players can construct, explore, and survive in a blocky universe.

The Forest

Build shelters and weapons to survive in a mysterious woodland populated by cannibalistic creatures.

Stranded Deep

Survive on a barren island after a plane crash by gathering materials and crafting.


Fight for survival on a small raft in the ocean, increasing it when you encounter challenges such as sharks.


Explore an alien underwater environment, establish underwater bases, and solve mysteries in Subnautica.


What is Ocean Is Home: Survival Island?

“Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” is a survival adventure game in which players find themselves left on a deserted island and must utilize their survival abilities to gather supplies, create shelters, and flourish in a hostile environment.

On which platforms is the game available?

The game is playable on a PC running Windows.

What is the goal of the game?

The basic goal is to survive by gathering food, constructing shelters, and crafting necessary equipment. The ultimate goal is to thrive and adapt to the island’s hardships.

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“Ocean Is Home: Survival Island” is an immersive and tough survival adventure in which players are castaways on a deserted island entrusted with prospering despite all odds. It gives an exhilarating escape into the realm of survival with its realistic scenery, crafting mechanics, and interesting gameplay. Players not only experience the thrill of survival as they gather supplies, build shelters, and negotiate the perils of the island, but they also gain crucial decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

This game invites you to embrace the spirit of adventure and flexibility, whether you’re exploring the depths of the ocean, crafting tools, or facing off against wildlife. So, enter this digital wilderness and put your skills to the test in a synthetic setting that simulates real-life obstacles.

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